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sunlover8's Journal

Super Sushi
What up? The name's Sushi. Well that's what a lot of people call me. :) The real name is Susan.

You wanna know a little about me? I'm 26. Graduated from Western Washington University in June 06 with a BA in Marketing. :) Been working at an IT company spamming you... no, not spamming, but I do the email marketing for said company.

I love love love music. It's my life. Or something close to it. I used to go to so many concerts, not so much anymore. I love photography. I take photos at concerts, too. I have a band photography site... TheFuzzies.net check it out.

If you want you can add me, but please comment when you do or you will not be added unless I know you.

Also I have another journal: dreamingsun... it's mostly friends only.
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