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Super Sushi
06 December 2009 @ 09:40 pm
too much food makes my stomach go oo.

haha. i was just singing that... cuz i was putting my leftovers in a tupperware to take to work tomorrow and there was just way too much food.

i think i might start posting more in here. i like that idea. i don't know what i'll type though because i lead a pretty boring life.

i don't wanna go to work tomorrow... i'm enjoying my time off doing nothing. i actually did a little bit of cleaning to my room today. woo. be proud. i haven't done that in awhile. i will have to finish cleaning in this upcoming weekend. actually i need to go through my closet and throw away the crap i don't need. it's getting to the point where i don't even remember what's in there... just boxes of stuff on the shelf. i need to go through my clothes too and figure out what i will never ever wear again. i have a hard time getting rid of old clothes.

okay. that is all for now. i shall go to sleep now. yes sleep before 10. okay so i probably won't sleep but watch some farscape. wee. i love me some john crichton - can't get enough of the pretty ben browder. hee
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Super Sushi
04 December 2009 @ 06:58 am
Not many of you are still on lj... but... would any of my lovely friends that are still around like a Christmas card from the coolest chick around? Well, if you do, sorry you have to find someone else because I'm not the coolest around just slightly cool. :) Uh, just leave your addy here. It's screened comments.
Super Sushi
03 December 2009 @ 09:23 pm
I've been looking through my old lj entries. It's pretty entertaining actually. I love reading about old shows that I completely forgotten about. Funnest part is probably things that happened at the shows that I totally forgot about. :) I miss band boys. they were always so entertaining.

I miss the people I used to talk to back then too. I haven't talked to Kristen in FOREVER. I should message her on Facebook. AND there were comments from people that I had to struggle to remember who they were, but when I remembered who they were it made me miss them. One guy, haha, I can't remember how I knew him but I can see his goofy face (no his face isn't goofy he was making a goofy face). Haha.

If you're reading this hoping for an update on me... you will be disappointed. :) Life is good. I think I might start updating this journal again though... even though not many people are using this any more.
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Super Sushi
18 October 2009 @ 07:16 pm
It's been a long time since I've posted... oi. I've come down with something... I'm thinking sinusitis... So freaking tired and a little sore. Blah.

I took a nap earlier... and when I woke up I honestly thought it was 5:40 in the morning. Haha. Yea no, it was only 5:40pm. I slept for maybe an hour and it felt like eternity. Oi. I am going to have a hard time sleeping tonight, too. That's going to suck. I hope I'll be okay enough to go to work tomorrow. We'll have to wait and see.

So life has been the same... nothing special has happened to me lately. Yea, I lead a boring life.

Okay back to watching tv and falling asleep lol.
Super Sushi
So I love having the chance to read. It's been nice to catch up on reading. I read like 3 books within two weeks. It's good stuff. I've been reading the Book Thief which is actually really really good. I'm very impressed with how dark it is and yet there is humor in it. I love that it's from Death's point of view. He's such a great narrator.

Warped tour is this weekend. Woo, so very excited for that. I'm in need of some live music. I'll be taking photos galore, also. I'm very excited at that prospect. :)

Speaking of music. The Used and Brand New have new songs online. Wee. They sound great! I'm very excited for both albums - more so for Brand New's though.

A band I've really enjoyed as of late is 3OH!3. It shocks me really how much I'm entertained by them. I think I will actually trek down to main stage to watch/photograph them when they're performing. Hehe.

Anywho, I think I might get some reading in.
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Super Sushi
05 July 2009 @ 11:46 pm
I saw someone's post about the books they plan to read this year and I think I shall do one too. I think everywastedkiss does one too, I know she posts the books she reads every year. I keep track of that in a handwritten journal, I should just post it. I think I'll do that later.
Anyway, here's my little list of what books I hope to read this year (which also means getting my hands on a few of them).

  1. Sergei Lukayanko - Twilight Watch
  2. Robert Ludlum - Bourne Supremacy
  3. Robert Ludlum - Bourne Ultimatum
  4. Jane Austen - Sense and Sensibility (started reading last year)
  5. Lois Lowry - The Giver (I reread this book every year)
  6. Sebastien Japrisot - A Very Long Engagement (I just found out it was a book before a movie. I'm curious)
  7. Neil Gaiman - American Gods
  8. Belle du Jour - Secret Diary of a Call Girl (started last year, must finish so I can give it back to Natalie)
  9. Gears of War - Aspho Field (yea that's right, I'm going to read a book based on a video game)
  10. Orson Scott Card - reread the last two in the Ender's Series
  11. Terry Goodkind - Stone of Tears (more of the series)
  12. Markus Zusak - The Book Thief
  13. P.C. Cast - the rest of the House of Night series available (4&5&6)
  14. Laurell K Hamilton - Skin Trade (even if I don't like the direction LKH went with Anita, I must know what happens to her)
  15. Jasper Fford - The Eyre Affair
  16. Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith - Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
  17. Melissa Marr - Ink Exchange
  18. Suzanne Collins - Catching Fire (when it's released)
  19. Charlaine Harris - Touch of Dead (short stories when released)

Sad part is, I started this entry a few months back. Since then, I have actually read a few of them on my list. Yay. So I just deleted those.

I just finished reading Jane Eyre. I have to say, I quite enjoyed it. Parts dragged but even though I knew the conclusion I was intrigued by what would happen in the story. I felt as though I needed to find out what Jane's thoughts were as things progressed. I had watched the BBC miniseries done in 2006 and fell in love with Jane and Rochester, much like I fell in love with Tess Durbeyfield of Tess of the D'Urbervilles. I also finished that a few months back.

I even had the chance to read the Hunger Games. Actually it was much better than I anticipated. Obviously since I read it through the weekend.

There's a few others I need to add to the list but that's all for now. I shouldn't add more to it huh? lol. Oh and I'll be starting Pride and Prejudice and Zombies first even though I haven't even read Pride and Prejudice. :)

EDIT - Aug. 10, just added a few more and put a strike through the ones I have finished. Wee. My count is up to like 30 or something. It's crazy!

EDIT - Sept 5, I've read a crap load of books since I posted this and yet most of them are not even the books on this list. Haha, that's what happens when you go to the library and check out books. :) 

EDIT - Dec 4, Read a few on my list. Didn't add anything new because I shouldn't. :) I finally got Very Long Engagement. Too bad I have about three books ahead of that... Should start compiling my "read" list soon.
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Super Sushi
09 June 2009 @ 10:06 am
Off to Korea for two weeks! Not that any one really checks here anymore. :)

Wanna hear something funny though? Sure you do.

I bought the first 7 Sookie Stackhouse books so I could read them on the plane to Korea and back. Yeah, I started to read it three weeks ago just to be sure I enjoyed it. I finished them all LAST WEEK. Then I bought the 8th one and finished that one too! I just need to buy 9 and then I get to wait impatiently for the next installment. Yea, I'm just a tad bit obsessed with the series now. The show True Blood is pretty bad ass... but too bad I'll be in Korea when season 2 premiers. Whatever.

Okay, I really need to get ready.

See ya in two weeks! I will do a proper update for those that still come here to find themselves entertained.
Super Sushi
16 May 2009 @ 11:27 pm
I don't know if anyone on my FL watches it or even cares... but I just have to say... HOLY SHIT @ the Grey's Anatomy finale. I finally got around to watching it.... and I can't believe what I just saw. I have to wait til the freaking fall before I can find out what happens!? Grrr. I hate cliffhangers. Wow.

On a completely different note. I finally got my Amazon order in. I finished up my teen novel on vampyres "Marked" it wasn't too bad. A little annoying, like a teenage wrote it. Ah well, I wasn't reading it for the deep insight it would give me... I enjoy teen fiction for a reason. :) Anyway, I got the last Percy Jackson novel in the mail. Started it yesterday at work but didn't get very far. Then started reading it when I got home... I couldn't put it down. I got more than halfway done with it in a few hours. I finally was able to put it down but I had to start reading it again today. I freaking finished it! Oi. Such a good series. I don't care if it was written for kids, I love it. I'm scared for the movie that they are making. I just hope the CGI isn't craptacular. They better not make the centaurs look as retarded as the centaurs look in Harry Potter. Perhaps they'll do like they did in Narnia where they just CGI the body on them, I prefer it that way. I just wonder how they'll do the minotaur scene, it better be bad ass.

Now I get to read the Sookie Stackhouse books. Woo, those were the other books I got from Amazon. I wonder how sucked in I'll get. I remember when I read the Anita Blake novels, I'd read one for like a week and then the next in a day read another one (yea, I seriously read one in one sitting).
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Super Sushi
03 May 2009 @ 10:06 pm
Wee. I'm all of a sudden tired. It's weird. at least that means I'll get a full night's rest before work instead of only having like 4 hours of sleep. Yay.

Life has been the same. I twisted my ankle last weekend that was fun. It's better now... however still stupid soreness when I'm on it for too long. boo. Oh well, I'll survive. *yawns*

Been reading like crazy. I'm rereading Speaker for the Dead. I just ordered the Last Olympians (yay for kids books) and the Sookie Stackhouse series (7 books for 32 bucks, hell yeah). I love getting books for cheap.
Super Sushi
25 April 2009 @ 02:01 am
that's just beautiful.. only I could do the things I do... like just now... I twisted my ankle going down the stairs in my house. Yep. Completely sober too just twisted it. Hopefully just a twist and not a sprain although it doesn't really hurt right now I can feel the heat radiating from it like it's swelling and will be a huge mutha-bitch. yay. Gotta love it. Hopefully it won't be too much of a bother. Okay that's all i wanted to say. I shall sleep now and hope that i can sleep without hurting myself more. joy.
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