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29 July 2012 @ 02:07 am
Sometimes it gets so hard to breathe.  
Long time no post... just thought I'd swing by since I'm in nostalgia mode. Just saw Emery rock it at El Corazon with a bunch sweaty kids. It reminded me of summer night spent there when it was called the Graceland. I remember a time where we had to endure the stuffy heat because we weren't 21 yet. That sucked.

Monsters Scare You opened for Emery and they were a lot of fun. I love going to shows where the openers are good... and the headliners are a band you know and love; especially a band that you can sing/scream along with. I felt like a kid again jumping around and singing my heart out. Too bad it was only for 3 songs since I haven't really listened to the new Emery. However, I might have to visit their new stuff. Sounds like they're getting back to their older stuff. I love it.

What else has been going on with me? Well other than coming back from Europe, I finally made it a show in Spokane. That was different. A no re-entry venue. That sucked. However the show itself was awesome. It was for Volbeat. If you haven't checked them out. You should do it now. ... No really, now...

What are you still doing here? I think I might go listen to a song of theirs now. :)

Oh and next week is The Classic Crime and then WARPED TOUR. Yay, actually going to check out quite a few bands this year. Very excited for that. Woo.