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11 November 2010 @ 06:42 am
Hello Livejournal. it has been way too long since I've really posted here.

Last night, Claire and I went to a concert. Wow, I want to say it's been far too long but it hasn't. I saw Ryan Star back in September. Twice! But it just isn't the same. Seeing dredg and codeseven in a crowded, sweaty, hot room with 499 other kids is just different... probably because it brings back so many memories.

It's funny to see people get pushed and shoved and get annoyed by it. The thing that annoys me is when I have a clear line of the stage and some douche decides it'd be cool to stand in front of the short girl so all I see is your head or back. Thanks, douche. Oh well, the life of being short. And we were in the back standing on a step!! lol.

Anyway, dredg was awesome. <3 them. I loved that they played a lot of old songs, loved being able to sing along.

codeseven was fun, only remembered parts of a few songs but they were great.

Don't remember the openers name but I was digging it.

Circa Survive... oh boys... your lights are horrible!! thank you for wanting to blind me or give me a headache. I saw fog and lights and immediately thought of VAUX... too bad your lights/fog can never live up to the live show that is VAUX. Music was great and crowd LOVED them, so that was pretty cool. Just didn't like the lights. Oh well. C'est la vie.